Specialised Private Tours

Faith and art in Florence

This itinerary aims at binding together meaningful artistic and religious locations and offering an insight into monastic life and places of worship, where both wealthy commissioners and artists tried to express spiritual content in modern style.

San Marco, cella di Cosimo Medici

Politics, power…and prisons

Discover where politics, art and life met and continue to meet in Florentine Renaissance art, follow Machiavelli’s footsteps in a passionate historical walk.


House museums in Florence

Enjoy Florence from a different perspective: house museums reveal hidden artistic gems and a feel of everyday life.

Museo Bardini, sala della scultura

Jewish Florence – Walking through the centuries

The Jewish tour of Florence gives an overview of Jewish presence and culture in Florentine and Italian history including the Synagogue, the ancient ghetto and the David.

Art on tour: the great age of fresco

This tour is meant to unveil some of Florence best wall paintings, and offers an overview of mural decoration and aspects of daily life in Florentine art.

Palazzo Davanzati, particolare affreschi

Children and family tours

Tours for children and families in Florence: the discovery of art and history can be entertaining and fun with a family tour or a scavanger hunt.

Fashion in Florence: where “Made in Italy” began

A guided tour for designers and fashion victims will explain and show the connection between Florence, textile art and fashion going from historical collections to modern workshops.

Sala dedicata agli abiti di Donna Franca Florio particolare dell’allestimento Firenze, Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti

Money and banks in Florence

How Florentine merchants changed the world of finance from the Middle Ages to Renaissance and laid the foundation for the modern banking system.