Info & Rates

All our tours are tailored to your interests, time and requests. The tours on the website are suggestions to support your choice: we will create something unique and customized.


  • The rates start from 150€ for a standard 2 hours tour
  • The basic 3 hours tour rate is 195€
  • Our rates are per tour not per person
  • Rates include the guided tour service and do not include entrance fees or extras
  • Prices of tickets to museums vary frequently. We will give you updated prices when you book your tour

Cancellation Policy

  • Deposit of 50€ on Paypal or another payment system of your choice is requested
  • Cancellation of the tour 1 month before the requested date – full refund of the deposit
  • Cancellation of the tour 15 days before the requested date – refund 50% of the deposit
  • Cancellation of the tour 7 days before the requested date no refund is possible


If you wish to book a tour please write at least 24 hours in advance. If we do not reply immediately don’t worry. We are busy with a group, a family tour and we devote them our full attention and expertise. We will reply to you as soon as possible. If you prefer to give us a call check for our mobile numbers on our guides’pages.

Things to know

The center of Florence is flat and most sights are within walking distance, but streets are paved with cobblestone. We recommend comfortable shoes.

If visiting church interiors remember that everybody should cover shoulders and wear skirts or pants that reach knee-length, men should remove their hats inside as well. Following these simple guidelines will save you time and discussions with the guardians.


Florence is a quiet and safe city.  In the evenings almost all the streets in the center are full of people, especially in the good weather. The streets and monuments are all lit up and it’s pleasant to simply stroll and eat ice-cream while enjoying the fresh air and the atmosphere.

Use common sense (avoid, for example, the isolated streets in the suburbs). The most common risk is having your wallet stolen by a skilled pickpocket. Keep it protected and avoid showing abundance of cash and keep passports separate (best travel with a copy or a pic on your phone).

Store Hours

Opening hours for stores are varied, but normally they open around 10 a.m. and close about 7:30 p.m. Some stores observe an afternoon siesta, but many stores in the center remain open non-stop (usually from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.). Most stores in the via Calzaioli, Ponte Vecchio  and the Santa Croce areas are open for Sunday shopping (while some of the fancy stores on via Tornabuoni might be closed on Sundays). In July and August, many stores are closed  on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Pratical Info
The weather in Florence and Tuscany

Official tourist website of the city of Florence: places to stay, restaurants and events.
The museum and bus card

Getting to Florence and moving around


Local, national, international trains – timetables and reservations

Public transportation in Florence

Bus in Florence, bus to Fiesole and to the Medici Villas


To call or book a taxi:

Stopping a taxi in the street can be difficult because, unlike other cities around the world, there are not a lot of taxis in Florence (when it rains or during fashion week especially). We suggest going to a taxi stand; there are many of them in the city center. (for exemple in the central Piazza Repubblica.
As soon as you board the taxi, the meter begins with a fixed rate, then the rate increases based on time and distance.Taxi fares are higher on Sundays, holidays and late night hours.

Museums and sites
Information on the State Museums in Florence
Information on the city museums
Thematic museums and collections
Temporary exhibitions

What is a tour guide?

Tour guiding is a licensed profession in Italy.

Tour Guides are professionals who guide individuals or groups through museums, monuments and other sites of artistic relevance in Italy. They have a specific education that helps them illustrate and provide detailed information about the cultural, technical and artistic characteristics of an artistic venue. For example, tour guides can provide you with information about a listed building: who is the architect, when it was built and completed, what style or art movement it relates to.

Your tour guide should be able to show you a badge with an official licence number.

Tour managers (Tour Leader): are professionals whose job is to take care of the practical aspects of an organised trip and ensure that it runs smoothly (e.g. taking care of documents and formalities and assisting members of the tour).

Environmental guides: are professionals who provided guided tours of natural attractions such as parks, natural reserves or natural museums. They know and explain the scientific and ecological aspects of the territory, plants, animals and their habits and behavior.

Visiting more of Italy

For tours in Venice contact Antonella and her colleagues.