Visiting Villa Caruso

Spring has finally arrived, more and more events are held on weekends and most of them take place outside to enjoy the sun before it gets hot.

Villa Caruso was originally a property of the Pucci family, but was bought at the dawn of the XXth century by the acclaimed tenor Enrico Caruso: it was a love nest, a peaceful retreat and now a small museum with Caruso’s memorabilia. Unfortunately a great part of the collection was sold in 1979, but paintings, postcards and sketches revive the past glories.

From Florence it takes 30 minutes before turning into a steep narrow road up the hill of Signa, but once at the top the park (and its walls) shelters you from the outside world: the sunny parterre with citruses…and the wisteria starting to bloom, shaded paths and a belvedere (a terrace with a view on the valley) create a magic setting.

If you are an Opera lover, or just in search of something off the beaten track check the website of the villa for opening times and events or contact us for a special trip on the hills.

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