At the age of little more than twenty, my musical studies took me abroad, where I never imagined that  I would subsequently remain for more than fifteen years.

I lived in Germany, Wales and Spain, studying, working, but, above all, acquiring a breadth of experience that was later to prove such a useful asset in my work as a tourist guide.

I graduated in languages, specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language and dedicated ten years to teaching while residing in Berlin. I then moved to Spain where I first worked in Barcellona in a production agency for musical events and later in Andalusia as assistant manager of a prestigious hotel.
When I returned to Italy, I reestablished a strong link with my country through the study of its history of art and its regions. I also discovered the richness of its wine and food tradition, attending courses on wine-tasting.

My profession as tourist guide in Florence developed as a natural consequence in the course of my career, using my skills as communicator and my enthusiasm to understand and appreciate art.

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