A stroll through the gardens

The garden – an artwork

Florence’s center is a stone maze of houses, towers and narrow alleyways where there seems to be little or no space for vegetation. However, beyond some of its gates the city conceals true treasures of floral beauty and botanical design. It takes just a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of the city center streets to be immersed in greenery. 

What we will see 

  • The Boboli Gardens are the sumptuous park of the Pitti palace. Here we will wander through grottoes and hidden paths, marveling at sculptures and fountains
  • The Bardini Garden offer a one-of-a-kind view of Florence which makes look the buildings of the city within a hand’s reach
  • The Rose Garden is a unique combination of botanical and panoramical beauty. Here 350 varieties of rare roses grow against the backdrop of one of the city’s best views 

The Boboli Gardens can pride themselves on being the archetype of the Italian garden. Here, at the Medici’s wish and command, nature was made into the stage for fountains, sculptures and unique architectural designs. All of this served the grandukes of the family as a place of relaxation, celebration and original theatrical representations. Nowadays a specialised team of gardeners curates the park so as to restore and preserve the work of devoted architects, landscapists and artists which shaped its appearance through the centuries. This will not only allow you to see Boboli as the Medici did, but also to understand the key role it played in the historical development of gardens across Europe. On the other slope of the Boboli hill we will find the Bardini Garden, a unique combination of gardening styles conceived by the eccentrically illustrious Florentine art-dealer and collector Stefano Bardini. Located on a panoramic hill overviewing Florence the estate was designed so as to allow visitors to wander through a true collection of gardens. Starting from the refined elegance of Baroque hedges, we will move to the Italian and English style gardens, pass through the charming wisteria pergola and reach the rustic style orchard where artichokes are found side by side with camellia and rose bushes. Finally, we will head towards the Rose Garden. Located next to the Piazzale Michelangelo, this picturesque spot welcomes visitors with an impressive variety of more than 350 rare roses and a collection of statues by the Belgian artist Jean Michel Folon. In addition, one of the areas of the garden was designed by the Japanese architect Yasuo Kitayama as a symbol of the friendship between Florence and its twin city – Kyoto. This stunning interplay between botanical rarities, art and architecture combines with one of the city’s best views to make the Rose Garden one of the most ravishing locations in town.

Practical information

  • Availability: tours operate every day of the week except the first Monday of the month
  • Length: 3 hours are recommended
  • Rates: the basic, 3-hour tour is 195€; any additional hour 60€ each
  • Rates are per tour and not per person
  • Tickets and reservations are not included in our rates
  • The tours are not suitable for those using a wheelchair or with impaired mobility

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