Campagna toscana

A day in Chianti

A unique serving of food, wine and nature

Experience Chianti’s ravishing scenery and taste its superbe specialities. Our one day visit will take you to some of the region’s most spectacular locations and introduce you to local wine makers. 

Our route and stops

The Chianti region starts just a few kilometers south of Florence. Our circular route will pass through panoramic roads and take you to

  • Greve in Chianti, once the main agricultural market in the Chianti area, the town offers the perfect introduction to the specialities of the region. We will stroll under the porches of the main square, look at shop windows of artisan workshops and visit one of the most renowned delicatessens in Tuscany
  • Montefioralle, the quintessential Tuscan village, so picturesque to be often confused with a fairy tale movie set. Here, narrow stone alleyways will lead you to breathtaking views of the Chianti countryside
  • The San Leolino Church its hilltop position combined with its strategic collocation offers a panoramic view which seems to stretch as far as the whole Tuscany
  • Wine and food tasting, we will help you choose the winery that best suits your taste, ranging from internationally renowned wine brands to small family owned estates. You will be introduced to the marvel of wine making by wine producers and/or specialists. Next, of course, we will move to the wine tasting, which can be accompanied by a full lunch or a fine selection of local appetizers, such as cheese, salami and bruschetta

The Chianti area

Chianti is for sure the most celebrated and renowned region of the Tuscan countryside.
Its name has traveled around the world on wine labels, while its vineyard cultivated estates have become a true symbol of landscape beauty. However, the ravishing charm of its views and the sublime quality of its products are not the sole element that makes Chianti so unique. Here, every speciality and every element of the landscape is imbued with Tuscan spirit and history. The exquisite taste of its olive oil and the soothing sight of its cypress avenues are the direct inheritance of the ancient Etruscan civilization. The striking, almost garden-like, appearance of its estates is a reminder of the industriousness and dedication of countless generations of Tuscans farmers. The sublime taste of its wine is a testimony to the ingenuity of Bettino Ricasoli and other Tuscan wine makers, whose pursuit of the perfect taste created one of the world’s most renowned vine-grape blends.
Of course, during our visit, we will take care of all the logistics so that you will be able to enjoy Chianti at best, but this is not all. Our main aim is for you to truly experience its spirit, the very heart and soul of its uniqueness. This means that we will make you discover the history behind Chianti’s landscape and flavours as well as introducing you to the local wine producers. They are the true joining link between Chianti’s land and its full bodied wine.

Practical information

  • Length: the whole day up to 8 hours
  • Rates: starting from €400, depending on how many people (up to 7 people)
  • The tours are suitable for those using a wheelchair or with impaired mobility

Not included in the rate

  • Car or van rental with driver. We can put you in touch with companies that provide the service or directly book the service for you 
  • Wine tasting or lunch. We will provide you with a wide range of options you will be able to choose from

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