Fiesole, nature and culture

Much more than a terrace overlooking the city 

Located on the hills surrounding the city, Fiesole is undoubtedly the cherry on the top of Florence’s charm. We will wander by the Etruscan walls of the city, admire the Roman theater and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of enchanting scenery. Such beauty is definitely worth a stroll up and down the hills.  

Our program includes a visit to: 

  • Piazza Mino – the very heart of Fiesole and the ideal starting point for any visit 
  • The archaeological site – the Roman theater, the thermal baths and the ancient walls all reveal the greatness of the town’s past
  • San Francesco convent – here art, natural beauty and spirituality are found side by side with a breathtaking view on Florence 
  • A panoramic walk – strolling along the southern side of the hill is the perfect occasion to admire Florence from above and to find the reference point that will allow you to orientate in the city

Our route 

For centuries Fiesole and its hills have been the beloved retreat for the Florentine aristocracy as well as wealthy expatriates. Giovanni Boccaccio, the Medici, Queen Victoria, and Charles Dickens are just a few of the illustrious personalities that sought peace and relaxation in the marvelous scenery surrounding the town. Nowadays Fiesole is still the Florentine’s most beloved spot for a trip out of town, especially in the summer, when its main square provides the perfect location for a refreshing aperitif. Starting from Florence’s center Fiesole can easily be reached in 20 minutes by car or bus, but also on foot if you are up for a rewarding uphill walk through picturesque countryside roads. Whether by bus, car or foot, while moving up towards Fiesole we will see Florence gradually transform itself into a magnificent panorama. A few steps away from the main square we will find the entrance to the archeological site. Beyond the gates one can behold the relics that make us understand Fiesole’s great importance in the Etruscan period, as well as its transformation after it was conquered by the Romans. At the center of the site stands the beautiful Roman theater. This marvel of acoustic engineering doesn’t fail to impress, especially when we consider that more than 2000 years after its construction it’s still used as the stage for concerts, plays and festivals. Moving further we will walk up the hill where once the Etruscan acropolis was located. Nowadays, the hill is surmounted by a church and a Franciscan convent. The sacredness of the location combined with the magnificent view on Florence cannot but inspire a unique sense of peacefulness and tranquility that the Nobel Prize for Literature Albert Camus wonderfully described in his travel diaries on the occasion of visiting this location. Last but not least, walking a few minutes away from the convent we will suddenly find ourselves in a quintessentially Tuscan landscape where vineyards, olive grooves and cypresses surround ancient holdings. 

Practical information

  • Availability: tours operate every day of the week
  • Rates: the basic, 3-hour tour is 195€; any additional hour 60€ each
  • Rates are per tour and not per person
  • Tickets and reservations are not included in our rates
  • The tours are partially suitable for those using a wheelchair or with impaired mobility

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